TheForestCleanup in the Bayern 2 RadioReportage

15.10.2021 – In the RadioReportage of the radio station Bayern 2 the application of the treeshelters in the forest management is broadly illuminated. Guests include Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hein, who reports on the goals of TheForestCleanup project, the requirements for innovative treeshelters, and the problems associated with compostable treeshelters: “The standards are geared for composting plants, but not for our forests.” The full show can be downloaded here:

Source: Bayerischer Rundfunk

TheForestCleanup at the 2021 Forest Science Conference

16.09.2021 – TheForestCleanup was involved with three presentations at the 2021 Forest Science Conference, which virtually brought together about 500 participants from forest practice and science in 260 presentations. The three-day conference, held Sept. 13-15, presented research results on comparative life cycle assessment of browsing protection measures, the promotion of browsing protection in a cross-country comparison as part of a plastic reduction strategy, and the legal situation of plastic as an input.

The titles of the presentations were:
Sustainability of forestry browsing protection measures – challenges of a comparative life cycle assessment
(Dr. Silke Feifel).
Plastic reduction in the forest using the example of treeshelters – concept development and funding situation in a country comparison
(Yannic Graf)
Plastic as a resource in forestry – Legal situation and selected deconstruction costs
(Anton Schnabl)

Bachelor thesis presented in the project

27.07.2021 – Ms. Tamara Teufel, student of forestry at the Rottenburg University of Applied Sciences, successfully presented her bachelor thesis “What does the deconstruction of growth covers cost? – An orienting investigation on the cost calculation of the deconstruction of growth covers based on a work study in the Rottenburg-Nord /Lkrs. Tübingen forest district”. The results form the basis for further studies on this topic. Ms. Tamara Teufel has been working as a Hiwi employee in the project since 2018. We would like to thank her sincerely for her commitment and wish her every success in her future career.

Review of the expert dialogue “Plastic reduction strategy forest” published in Holz-Zentralblatt

13.07.2021 – In the article “Topic of (no) plastic in the forest gains explosiveness”, issue number 27 of the German wood magazine Holzzentralblatt takes a look back at the expert dialog “Plastic reduction strategy forest” held on June 17. The article portrays all speakers and contributions of the event and summarizes the most important statements of the day. The article can be downloaded here.

Source: Holz-Zentralblatt

TheForestCleanup at Landesgartenschau 2021 in Ueberlingen

07.07.2021 – From July 07 to 18, 2021, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg invites to the exhibition “Showcase into the future – living in a sustainable bioeconomy” at the “Treffpunkt Baden-Württemberg” of the Landesgartenschau in Überlingen. At the exhibition, among other things, the project TheForestCleanup will be presented as a practical example of the “Sustainable Bioeconomy Baden-Württemberg”. The exhibition is located in the newly built plant house in the Villa Gardens.

Source: BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH

TheForestCleanup in BR-Television

29.06.2021 – In the agricultural magazine “Unser Land”, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hein comments on the use of plastic growth covers in the forest. As project manager and forest expert, he discusses the dangers posed by the still partly unexplored dynamics of microplastics in the soil, the need to dismantle conventional plastic tree shelters, and advocates the use of only biodegradable alternatives that leave no residues under forest conditions: “Forestry will probably not be able to get along so easily without tree shelters or fences in the future. But where this is unavoidable, microplastic-free materials should be used that have also been tested under real forest conditions.”


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Online expert dialogue “Plastic reduction strategy forest”

21.06.2021 – The project TheForestCleanup, organized an online expert dialogue “Plastic reduction strategy forest” on 17.06.20121. Interested experts from various fields of activity with links to the topic of plastics and forests were invited. Together with the approximately 60 participants and renowned speakers, an exchange on the state of knowledge on the effects of microplastics on the forest ecosystem took place in a lively atmosphere. Best practice examples for plastic reduction from the forestry and voluntary sector were also presented. Thus, the development of important elements laid the foundation for a future “Plastic Reduction Strategy Forest”.
The presentations of the expert dialogue can be found here:

Participation in the FNR project “BioSinn

09.06.2021 – The compilation of sensible product applications for biodegradable plastics based on renewable raw materials, was the goal of the FNR project “BioSinn”. Through collaboration with our project “TheForestCleanup”, these products include innovative tree shelters. Thus, our innovation is one of 25 products listed in the final report. This final report is intended to serve as a decision-making and orientation aid for those responsible in politics, industry, environmental organizations and NGOs and can be downloaded from the following link:

Participation at the Week of the Environment 2021

17.05.2021 – „That’s the future!“ – This is the motto of the Week of the Environment 2021. Following the invitation of the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and The German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU), our project TheForestCleanup is also represented. Due to the current Corona situation, the event will not take place in the park of Bellevue Palace as planned, but digitally. At you can take advantage of the offer on June 10 and 11.