The INNONET Kunststoff as a cluster initiative of the Technologiezentrum Horb GmbH & Co. KG has existed since 2006: With almost 120 members in the meantime, the INNONET Kunststoff has long been one of the most member-strong and fastest growing company networks in the south of Germany. The business network INNONET Kunststoff is a platform and connecting link for companies in the plastics industry in Baden-Württemberg. Companies that cover almost the entire value chain in the plastics sector are involved in the network. From mold and tool making, injection molding machine construction and the diverse plastics processing to a range of downstream processes, such a sprinting, laser processing, measuring and testing. INNONET not only networks companies and scientific institutions along the entire plastics materials chain, but also bundles the competencies of its members for joint and forward-looking projects. A regular an intensive exchange of expertise takes place via the various formats of the cluster initiative.